Mar 17, 2022 The Hindu Symbol for Luck

What is the Hindu Symbol for Luck?

In Sanskrit, the word swastika is a combination of: "su" = good "asti" = to exist ...which roughly means "all is well" or "well-being"

SWASTIKA is the Hindu symbol for good luck.

It is commonly seen in Hindu homes, businesses, printed materials, cars, temples, weddings, ashrams, etc.

The Swastika is considered to be a symbol of Lord Ganesh.

Coincidence or intentional?

The various interpretations of the symbol:

1. The four Vedas, the core Hindu scriptures.

2. The four goals of life: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

3. The four seasons, the four directions, and the four yugas, or epochs.

In Jainism, it is the emblem of their seventh Tirthankara, and the four places of rebirth.

In Buddhism, the Swastika symbolizes Buddha's footprints, and the cycle of death and rebirth.

Did you know there is a distinction between the orientations?

卐 Right-facing (clockwise) Called swastika Symbolizes sun, prosperity and good luck

卍 Left-facing (counter-clockwise) Called sauwastika Symbolizes night or tantric aspects of Kali


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