Jun 19, 2023 Brahma: The Father of The Universe

Who is Lord Brahma

Brahma is considered to be the creator of the universe and all living beings within it. In Hinduism , Brahma is one of the principal deities of the Trimurti (trinity of supreme gods).

Brahma's consort is goddess Saraswati. Saraswati Devi is considered to be the embodiment of his power, the instrument of creation and the energy that drives his actions.

The Anatomy of Brahma

  • 4 Heads  - knowledge of the 4 Vedas
  • Lotus flower - nature of living beings
  • Vedas - knowledge about all beings
  • Rosary beads - passing of time
  • Water pot - the emergence of creation

 Brahma's Creations

Lord Brahma created all the living beings in one Brahmand (the heaven, the earth and nether worlds)

  • GANDHARVA - Celestial Musicians
  • RAKSHASA - Shapeshifting Demons
  • PISACHA - Evil Ghosts
  • DEVAS - Divine Beings
  • NAGAS - Serpent-Like Beings
  • SUPARNA - Mythical Birds
  • YAKSHAS - Nature Spirits
  • KIMPURUSHA - Animal/Human Hybrid
  • ASURA - Demonic Beings
  • HUMAN BEINGS - Homosapiens

These are all considered his children.


Brahma's Children

Brahma created all his offspring from his mind. He created:

10 human sons (known as Prajapatis) + one human daughter (called Shatarupa). 

Shatarupa (the first woman) married Svayambhuva Manu (the first man).

Their descendants are called manushya, the Sanskrit term for mankind.


Why Isn't Brahma As Popular?

It is believed that a rishi named Bhrigu was going to conduct a havan. He set off to invite Brahma to this occasion. When he got there, Brahma was immersed in Saraswati’s magical music...

...No matter how many times or how loud Bhrigu called, Brahma couldn’t hear him. Bhrigu was enraged and cursed Brahmathat no one would ever invoke or worship him.


Story of Brahma's 5th Head

Lord Brahma had not 4, but 5 heads! Like most things in Hinduism, there are many versions of the story behind the loss of his 5th head, but according to one legend...

Lord Brahma created a woman named Shatarupa to help him with his job of creation. She turned out to be so attractive that Brahma himself fell in love with her extraordinary beauty.

Annoyed by the infatuated gaze of Lord Brahma, she moved to his left and a new head appeared on the left to stare at her.

When she ran in all the 4 directions, he grew heads to face the 4 directions.

Suddenly she sprang above his head and instantly, the 5th head appeared above all the 4 heads. To escape from his starring, she sought the help of Lord Shiva...

Lord Shiva was furious by the act of the creator of the world and severed the 5th head.

He cursed Lord Brahma for his unholy conduct, that no living being would worship Brahma.

Since then, Brahma has been reciting the 4 Vedas from his 4 mouths in repentance.



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